The Redemptive Self: Stories Americans Live By by Dan McAdams
Dan McAdams, author of The Redemptive Self: Stories Americans Live By
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McAdams Honored with Sarbin Award

The American Psychological Association is awarding SESP professor of human development and social policy Dan McAdams its Theodore Sarbin Award for 2006. The award will be presented at the APA convention in August. McAdams will also receive the 2006 William James Book Award.

According to the APA, the Sarbin Award honors the work of an individual psychologist that demonstrates “notable achievement” in one or more of the fields to which the late psychologist Theodore Sarbin contributed. “These include narrative psychology, contextualist theory, social psychological theories of hypnosis and other innovative theoretical work that is 'critical' in the broad sense of the term.”

McAdams was selected for his “body of work,” but in particular his “work on life narratives was seen to be of exceptional quality.” The nomination in particular noted his recent book, The Redemptive Self, which shows how the motif of redemption distinguishes the life stories of highly generative Americans – adults who give their all in tending to the well-being of future generations. The book is based on almost 20 years of research.

Based in Washington, DC, the American Psychological Association is a scientific and professional organization that represents psychology in the United States. With 150,000 members, APA is the largest association of psychologists worldwide.

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