The Redemptive Self: Stories Americans Live By by Dan McAdams
Dan McAdams, author of The Redemptive Self: Stories Americans Live By
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McAdams Wins 2006 APA Book Award

The American Psychological Association recently named professor Dan McAdams as the winner of its 2006 William James Book Award. His book The Redemptive Self: Stories Americans Live By was described as a "remarkable volume." McAdams is a professor of human development and social policy in the School of Education and Social Policy.

McAdams will receive the award, which recognizes the outstanding volume in general psychology across specialty areas, in August. The APA's announcement of the award contains this description of The Redemptive Self:

"This inspiring volume by Dan P. McAdams wonderfully exemplifies the criteria for the William James Book Award. It is elegantly written by a noted personality psychologist, who creatively and carefully developed its overarching idea of redemption as a central, organizing theme in the self-defining narratives of generative male and female American adults.

"His volume is truly integrative in several senses, melding (a) theory and research; (b) quantitative and qualitative empirical data; and (c) findings and concepts from numerous areas within psychology (especially personality, social, developmental, and cognitive). In addition, it makes frequent connections between psychology and other areas of knowledge, including history, literature, and theology. Moreover, its lucid prose makes it accessible to educated, wide-ranging laypersons as well as psychologists of many stripes."

In conjunction with this book award, McAdams is invited to offer the William James Lecture at the American Psychological Association conference in August 2007.

At the APA convention in August, McAdams will also be honored with the Theodore Sarbin Award.

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